Vegetables & Fruit

vegetablesVegetables and fruit are good for you when you have constipation. If you eat a lot of foods out of this group you will reach the 60% carbohydrate calories easily that experts reckon are important for digestion. Next to biological active substances, Vitamins and Minerals you also get saturating carbohydrates and lots of fibre.

Vegetable and Fruit for Constipation

Always try to get fresh foods. Avoid frozen or canned food where possible. Don't peel the skin of Tomatoes Capsicum, Beans, potatoes etc. the most fibre is in the skin!

Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
All veggies raw, freshVeggies in jar or tinVeggies frozenPotato Gratin
Sprouts raw, freshPulses pre cookedMixed Veggie dishes frozenAny veggie dish with Cream
Algae driedPotato CakesPotato chips
SauerkrautMashed Potatoes (from packet)Potato dishes frozen
Sweet potatoesDried fruitFrozen fruit
PotatoesCooked fruitCandied fruit
TopinamburCanned fruitCanned fruit with extra sugar
Pulses cookedApples sauce
Potato dumplings
Fresh fruit