Travel Constipation

travel constipationEven if you normally don't have Constipation, a lot of people get into trouble when they travel. Often Travel constipation can be counteracted by preparing mentally and physically for the journey. Try to reduce stress as well as some of the following tips to help you get through this:

1. Prepare your Colon for Travel

Some days before you start travelling start to increase your fibre. Your colon will be less influenced by the changes this way.

2. Take your Food

While you are traveling you often find cheap fast food that is high in calories and low in fibre. You are better of to take your own lunch pack with Fruit, Wholegrain bread and raw Veggies to chew on. This way you know what you get and also reduce the risk of food poisoning.

3. Eat when You are Hungry

Some people forget to eat when they travel and arrive starving and grumpy at their destination. The colon suffers as well from this treatment. Eat every 2 or three hours a little bit like nuts or dried fruit if you don't have time.

4. Move

Try to walk as often as you can and move your body around. This helps to keep the blood pumping through your organs.

5. Watch you Body Clock

If you travel over various time zones try to feed your colon with carbohydrate rich and low fat foods. Large menus will only burden the system.

6. Drink

You only feel thirsty if there is already a shortage in the system. So drink regular to help your colon along.

7. No Alcohol

Try to avoid alcohol as it tends to dry out the colon.