Milk Products

milkWhich milk products are good for Constipation?

Milk is a very important food (we are talking raw milk or pasteurized in emergencies. Do not drink homogenized Milk!) Milk has a lot of protein as well as Vitamin A, B and D and Calcium. The Milk sugar in the milk supports the body to utilize Minerals like calcium, Magnesium or zinc. It also supports a healthy bacteria flora in the colon and therefore helps the body's immune system.

Heat your milk before you drink it to kill any bacteria. Never mix milk and fruit or milk and meat as this is not well digested. If you feel you can't digest milk very well, try adding some spices like Black Pepper, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger, Fennel, Turmeric, Nutmeg and Clove.

Milk Products

Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
Bio Yoghurt 0.1%YoghurtYoghurt with fruitCrème fraiche
ButtermilkDrinking YoghurtButtermilk with fruitCrème double
Kefir 1.5%Crème QuarkKefir with fruitCrème 30%
Full Cream milk un-homogenizedSour Crème 10%Homogenized milkMilk rice with cream
Milk un-homogenized 1.5%Soya milkCoffee whitener (powder)Yoghurt with Cream
Raw milkSour Crème 24%
WheyMilk desserts (chocolate, vanilla etc)
Organic / Biodynamic MilkMilk homogenized
Organic / Biodynamic Yoghurt plain
Drinking Yoghurt plain
Quark plain or with herbs
Soya milk low fat
Goats milk
Sheep milk


Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
Cheese under45%Cheese over 45%Brie 60%
Gouda 30%Cream cheeseCamembert 55%
Soft goats cheeseParmesanButter cheese 50%
Feta (Cows, Goats, Sheep)RacletteMascarpone
MozzarellaSmoked cheese 45%
Cottage CheeseHard goats cheese
Bakers CheeseShredded Cheese
Soy CheeseCheese Slices
BocconcinoBlue Vein type cheese