Drinks that are good for Constipation

drinkTo drink a lot is an easy way to help constipation. Especially if you eat a lot of fibre you need a lot to drink. The cheapest is water. Fruit and veggie juices are very helpful too. Coffee, tea and chocolate drinks in moderate quantities are not a problem.

It is best if you can drink a large glass of warm water, herb tea or lemonwater on empty stomach first thing in the morning. If you do this regularly it helps to train the colon to be on time.

Drinks for Constipation

Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
Fresh fruit juicesBitter LemonColaDrinks with cream
Fruit teaCappuccinoSports drinksAlcohol over 15%
Herb teaIce teaEnergy drinks
Green teaFruit juice bottledFizzy drinks
Veggie juicesMilk drinks (supermarket)Milk shakes
DandelionCoffeeInstant drink mixes
Mineral waterBlack tea
Prune juiceHome made lemonade
Soy drinks
Alcohol under 15%