An Enema, the easy way to clean the colon and avoid suffering

EnemaAll enemas are great, but our favorite must be the Coffee Enemas (Taking your Coffee the Right Way). One of the most rewarding techniques to remove toxins and assist with feeling better from detox symptoms is coffee enemas. Now that comes down to which coffee you use. Best coffee to use is the one which is only meant for enemas and has a higher concentration of caffeine and palmitic acid. Caffeine and palmitic acid are the ingredients that make coffee such an effective colon cleanser. These types of coffees are specifically manufactured for enemas only and not for consumption. So when buying coffees always look for the one which states coffee for enemas only. Try tasting the coffees yourself only then you will know that you have got the right type of coffee as the taste will be very different or not the same as the normal coffee you consume on a daily basis. Another thing to look for is the texture or colour of the coffee which will be slightly orange or gold. These types of coffees are the only coffees that will give you greater results.

Coffee Enemas are extremely supportive for detoxing the liver by dilating blood vessels and increasing bile flow, releasing toxins into the bowel for passing. Coffee enemas also reduce free radicals in the body. It's great for pain in the liver, headache, aching joints, feeling continually fatigued and tired or lethargic, foggy brained, etc (detox symptoms).

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The History of Coffee Enemas

Coffee enemas evolved from World War I, when medical supplies were low and a nurse wanted to relieve the pain of soldiers in hospital. The nurse, having some experience in simple water enemas which were regularly used by medical staff in those days, used coffee. Her thinking was, “if it’s good for the doctors, it is probably good for the patient”. She found that the coffee enema relieved the soldier’s pain, headache and lifted their overall feeling of wellbeing. Water enemas were generally ordered for each soldier following surgery anyway.

How Coffee Enemas Work

When coffee is taken through the rectum, caffeine from the coffee is taken up via the haemorrhoidal blood vessels, then through the portal vein, directly to the liver and proceeds to dilate (open up – expand) blood veins and capillaries rather than shrink them when ingested coffee through the mouth.

In doing so, the liver releases toxins into the blood and bile that may have been trapped in the liver’s filtering process. It also stimulates the flow of bile (which is the body’s alkaliser and cleaner). The bile carries the toxins via the Bile Duct and into the Duodenum, then into the small intestine for passing. The increase of bile in the small intestines dramatically increases the production of a major hormone called Glutathione S-Transferase (GST) by 700%. GST gobbles up free radicals, assisting to alkalise the body.

Remembering that the entire body’s blood is filtered through the liver every 3 minutes, the end result is that many toxins are shifted from storage in the liver for release through the bowel. This can leave you feeling instantly refreshed, energised and less grumpy. So basically it is suggested to use coffee than water for more benefits and greater results.