Enema equipment for enemas to clean your colon

EnemaIf your mind won’t even contemplate an enema, try to open up your thinking and allow new experiences into your life. You need to change something for change to happen in our health. Or you could do nothing and continue complaining.

Here are some of the most common types of enemas that you can find on the market. They all have their advantages and are good for different situations:

Bag or Fountain travel enema

enema travel douche bagThis one is great for travelling or home use. It has everything you need in one small package. A great gravity fed system that is easy to clean.

It has a 2 ltr capacity and is very affordable.

Contains everything you need to do an enema. There is a long transparent tube (1.4m - about 55 inches) which gravity feeds the fluid from the bag down via a small tap mechanism to the tip. Extra hose attachment can be purchased - (Recta Tube). The end of the enema tip is about the width of an average ballpoint pen casing and only 7cm (2 3/4 inches) long. The vaginal douche is the longer of the two tips and has a slight kink in it. This is for vaginal use only and should not be inserted in the anus. Suited for anal hygiene and personal care. On / Off valve (not clamp). It is a product that has been used safely by thousands of people. Safer than many designs as the position of the tap prevents the anal tip (the smaller of the two tips supplied) from being nserted too far into the anus, although all enema kits should be used with caution. Very straight forward to assemble although it comes with detailed instructions. Designed to enable you to visibly check all parts easily prior to use. Collapsible so that you can flat pack it to store away.

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Closed or Bottle Enema

water bottle enemaAnother gravity fed system that comes with everything you need to do a good enema.

It is a little harder to clean because it is 'closed'. Hence I would only recommend it for plain water enemas and not for coffee enemas.

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Higginson Enema

higginson enema This syringe type enema is very popular amongst man. Possibly because it is very small and simple to use. You have full control over the amount you pump and how quickly you let it in.

You have to be careful though not to accidentally pump in some air.

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Bulb Enema

This soft rubber douche has a firm plastic tapered nozzle for ease of insertion.



  • Easy to use and control the amount of water flow. Easily washable in warm water. Safe to use
  • with all lubricants. Great for travelling. 224 ml liquid capacity. Small, portable and durable.
  • No assembly required. Dimensions 15 x 8 x 8 cm. Comes with detailed instructions. bulb enema




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Implant Equipment

Implant KitA implant kit is specifically good to implant small amounts of nourishing material in the colon, like probiotics or oils.

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