happy colonSome Testimonials on how Colon Health Info was able to help with Colon problems.

'Thank you for helping me with my digestion problems. After reading the info on your site and doing some simple changes I now feel so much better' Anja B, Cairns

'I tried everything to get rid of my bloating and gas and you were the only one pointing out that it could be Candida. After following the Candida diet I'm now happy to say that my bloating is a problem of the past' George L, Adelaide

'I always had period pains and started doing the Castor Oil packs as you suggested which was helpful but didn't solve the problem I than went ahead and purchased the AIM Herbal fiberblend and low and behold my period pains are much better. It must have been the stagnant poo energy:) as you said. Thank you' Cynthia G, Melbourne

'I just wanted to say what a wonderful website you have, so easy to navigate and to read with some great self help solutions. I come here every time I feel my belly is playing up and always find help. Well done' John D., Perth

'I was very hesitant to have a colonic, but after reading about it on your site and talking to you I found a great colon hydrotherapist and my digestion has greatly improved. Thanks' Anita K, San Francisco

'I always felt nauseated and lost all interest in food after you suggesting to do the bacteria cleanse my life is back to normal. No more nausea and back into the wonderful world of food :)' Karen J, Dubai

'Thanks for you info on haemorrhoids, I picked up some new tricks which have helped me immensely' Frances M, Sydney

'Thru reading on your site I got onto the parasiteinfo.com website and must say that I was shocked and relieved at the same time. I finally knew I was on the right track. After doing the parasite program and changing my diet and lifestyle as per the suggestions my leaky gut is not leaky anymore. So I think it was just a parasite issue. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction' Kim L, Sydney

'I had lots of food allergies, or so i thought. By doing the elimination diet I was able to work out what is really causing my problems and feel a whole heap better. Thanks' Warren S, Adelaide

'Really great info on constipation and all the different foods that can help or hinder. I'm glad i found your site and was able to improve just by adjusting my diet. Thank you so much for putting out all this valuable information for free.' Jessica R, Melbourne