Fibre helps with Constipation, find foods that are high in fibre.

FiberMost people think of Bread and Salad when they hear Fibre, but there are a lot more sources of Fiber that make it easy for you to plan your meals.

The heart fibre (insoluble fiber) that does not dissolve in water which we know because it is the one that makes us chew like in grains, veggies and pulses.

The second one is the one that dissolves in water (soluble fiber) and makes the liquid a little bit thicker. It contains fibres like Pectin and Inulin.

Fibres Heal, They Help To

  • supply the colon with blood
  • bring enzymes to the colon
  • support the growth of helpful bacteria
  • get rid of old food
  • increase bulk
  • keep the colon flexible
  • release toxins from the colon
  • strengthen the colon walls

Products that are High in Fibre

Always read the packaging well, some products are suggestive with their name but hardly contain any fibre.

Foods like Meat, Fish, Eggs, Milk products, Oils and sugar are not a good source of fibre.

The best fibre foods are:

  • 100 gram containing Fibre
  • Wheat bran 45 gr
  • Linseed 35 gr
  • Chufa nut 32 gr
  • Thick Beans 28 gr
  • Crisp bread rich in fibre 24 gr
  • Wheat germ 18 gr
  • Almonds 15 gr
  • Rye 14 gr
  • Chickpeas 12 gr
  • Lentils 11 gr
  • Peanuts 11 gr
  • Sesame 11 gr
  • Popcorn 11 gr
  • Rye whole meal bread 8 gr
  • Kidney Beans 5 gr
  • Green Cabbage 4 gr
  • Carrots 4 gr
  • Corn 3 gr
  • Potatoes 2 gr
  • Rice 2 gr