Alternatives to laxatives

laxative alternativesHere are some alternatives to laxatives that you can try to help you with constipation problems. Different things work differently for different people. So don't give up and try a few things over time. Sometimes its a combination of things that work best. Everybody is different.

What is Oxy-Powder?

Oxy-Powder is a full intestinal cleanser which has been formulated to melt away and oxidize compaction in the bowel and provide oxygen to the intestinal tract and bloodstream. Oxy-Powder removes old, impacted fecal matter as it detoxifies and cleans the entire intestinal tract.


  • Is a high quality oxygen based colon cleanser
  • Is a natural method of getting rid of constipation
  • Aids in cleansing & oxygenating both small & large intestine
  • Aids in removing unwanted waste matter & extra weight
  • Promotes optimal colon health
  • Is a perfect start to any new diet plan
  • Helps promote friendly intestinal flora
  • Is the oxygen therapy cleanser the Hollywood Stars use
  • Has no side effects like laxatives
  • Comes in easy to take vegetarian capsules

Oxy-Powder effectively fights constipation by introducing nascent oxygen into the intestinal tract, oxidizing and melting away the 10-20 pounds of compacted fecal matter that a lot of people carry in their colon safely and effectively. Because Oxy-Powder attacks the source of constipation, you will have natural and regular bowel movements.

It also works great for infants and children! Read more about Oxy Powder


AIM Herbal Fiberblend is a mixture of fibre and herbs specifically formulated to help with easy and regular eliminations.

Benefits AIM Herbal Fiberblend
* Cleansing effect on the bowel
* Aids in the prevention of constipation
* Promotes elimination and rids the body of waste

AIM Herbal Fibreblend® is a unique fibre product that combines the benefits of psyllium, a soluble fibre, with those of selected cleansing herbs. This combination results in a product that provides you with important fibre and special cleansing properties.

Other things you can do

1. Evaluate and treat if necessary your liver, thyroid, adrenals, stomach, small intestine. All can affect your colon.

2. If you suspect nerve pressure is affecting your colon (especially if you suffer from low back pain) see a good body worker.

3. Find a good ayurvedic practitioner and get a Nabhi treatment, to balance the energy lines in your body.

4. Herbs like mullein, slippery elm and red raspberry leaves are good for the digestive system in general.

5. A castor oil pack over the colon can be very helpful to relive pain, cramping and toxins. Warm up the castor oil. Soak a cloth in it, put on your tummy, cover with glad-wrap, put a towel over it with a hot water bottle. Leave for at least 2 hours.

6. Get lots of exercise without exerting yourself. Yoga is excellent and comes in all different forms for different people.

7. A warm or hot compress to the abdomen, or a hot sitz-bath can be helpful in relieving constipation.

8. After antibiotic treatments, when you have Candida or during extensive cleansing / fasting have some acidophillus-bifidus to encourage the growth of bowel flora. (see also for Candida diet).

9. Regular Exercise in any form that suits you can greatly enhance bowel motions.

Schuessler Salts

Dr. William H. Schuessler of Oldenburg, Germany published Shortened Therapeutics in 1873. His practical work concentrated on just 12 simple mineral combinations, or salts, which he believed to be crucial to the health of the body.

The biochemic remedies are not selected according to the similarity principle of homoeopathy. They are chemically pure salts, homogeneous to the cell-minerals in human body, physiologically and chemically in close relation to them.

By the aid of these minerals, disturbed molecular motion in the cells can be rectified, as, taken for a certain period, these salts will compensate the losses incurred during a disease. Thus, the cells will recover, and will be able to overcome the problem completely.

Following are two of the 12 Schuessler Salts which can be helpful in constipation:
(The most commonly-used abbreviation is followed by its traditional and chemical names.)

After All

Use common sense when dealing with your body. Too much of anything can cause damage. This includes food, supplements, medication, herbs etc etc. It is not what you use but how you use it!

Treat your body with respect, you were given a brand new 'Mercedes' at birth, if you service it regular and treat it well you'll have a life long reliable beautiful vehicle.