Meat, Fish etc

meatWhat about meat, fish or eggs when you have Constipation?

The high protein animal products don't leave much in terms of fibre for the colon. If you stick to good and basic foods here it will mean that your fat intake will be less.

Fish that has a high fat content has a good combination of iodine and important Omega-3-fatty acids which we need for many bodily functions. Check the toxicity levels in fish with your local fish authorities.


Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
All fresh fish plainAll seafood freshFrozen fish dishesFish in Cream
Pickled herring (no cream)Canned fish in brine /naturalFish canned in sauceSmoked Salmon
Crumbed fish freshCaviar (real)Fish with mayonnaise
All frozen fish plainFish canned in OilCrab / Crayfish butter
Fish nuggetsAll seafood frozen
Fish burgersCrumbed frozen fish
Cod Roe
Salmon Caviar


Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
GameLiverBrainHam fried
Chicken breastHeartTongueDuck
Turkey breastLungSteakCabanossi
KidneyPig (high fat parts)Salami
Pig (low fat parts)LambLiver pate
Minced meatPoulardPolish Sausage
TurkeyChicken nuggetsSaveloy
ChickenFrozen pre made meat dishesFast food meat
Steak leanCanned meat
BirdsPig sausage
Ham raw, cookedSausage
Cold cuts
Corned Beef


Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
Egg whiteAll other EggsFried eggEgg dishes with cream