Slant Board inversion, great tool for colon health

Slant boardSlant boards (inversion pilates exercises type equipment) help your digestive system to relax and get back into the right position.

Basically it is a board that is on an angle as used for example in gym's to do sit-ups to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

You can use any kind of board like a piece of wood or even a ironing board.

Start low by putting the board on a brick at first and slowly get your system used to the up sight down position until you are at knee height. It is also great for pilates style exercises.

Why use a slanting board?

Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC, discovered the great health effects of slanting in 1933. He "found one of the greatest means of correcting our health problems and maintaining a healthy body". Inversion of the body relieves stress and fatigue by taking pressure off the body's organs by allowing them to shift into a more natural placement. This reduces the internal stresses on our bodies, and increases and strengthens our ability to cope with the emotional responses of our bodies to external stresses.

Most Inversion Therapy involves a significant change in the bodies position. Frequently requiring the assumption of an often uncomfortable position. However, the Slant Board enables one to receive the benefits of Inversion Therapy without the discomfort. As we spend 75% of our lives in an upright position, time spent on a Slant board allows the body to experience relief from the daily patterns of compression and pull to the organs, muscles, blood flow, and oxygen distribution throughout the body.

It's great in case of prolapsus of the abdominal organs and regenerating the vital nerve centres of the brain. When there is lack of tone in the muscles we can expect prolapsus of the abdominal organs. The heart, lacking tone, cannot circulate blood properly throughout the body. Likewise, arteries and veins cannot contract to help the blood against gravity into the brain tissues.

There are some people who apparently have tried everything to get well, who still find all organs working under par. Many people do not realize that all the quickening force for every organ of the body comes from the brain. People whose occupations require them to sit or stand continually are unable to get the blood into the brain tissues because the tired organs cannot force the blood uphill. If we deny the brain tissues good blood in the proper amount, in time, every organ of our body will suffer.

The heart gets its start from the brain and continues its everlasting pumping because of it. No organ can do without the brain. Dr. Jensen attributes the success of his healing work to the very fact that he definitely recognizes that the brain must be fed properly. Slanting board exercises are absolutely necessary to regaining perfect health.

The reports are phenomenal as to what can be done in cases of prolapsus and lack of tone in the abdominal walls. A Mr. C.M. Pierce, who became interested in this form of exercise, has done wonders in rejuvenating his body. Dr. Jensen quotes from Health News of September 26, 1941: "One night three years ago, I saw Dr. Jensen demonstrate the slanting board and instantly saw how to make my system much easier, and on the way home I told my neighbor, 'I am going to make a board like that." Since then he has made many, selling them throughout the country. In fact, Mr. Pierce, who was born October 11, 1866, is still active in his business. (Mr. Pierce works through Bernard Jensen's office)

Slanting board exercises are especially good in cases of inflammations and congestions above the shoulders, such as sinus trouble, bad eyes, falling hair, head eczema, ear conditions and similar troubles. Slanting board exercise is needed and has helped more than any other treatment in cases of heart trouble, fatigue, dizziness, poor memory and paralysis.

Contraindications for being upside down

There are many cases where the board is contra-indicated. It is best in most cases to get professional advice, for some people have had unhappy experiences due to the very fact they started too strenuous a program to begin with. If you haven't done much exercising of the abdominal muscles, it is well to take these exercises slowly and gradually increase them as you get stronger.

Do not use the board in cases of high blood pressure, hemorrhages, some tubercular conditions, cancer in the pelvic cavity, appendicitis, ulcers of the stomach or intestines, pregnancy, unless under the care of a physician.

Suggested slant board exercises

The slanting board exercises are practically the same as any other lying-down exercises. The most important exercise is to hold on to the sides of the board bringing the knees up to the chest. This forces all the abdominal organs up towards the shoulders. While in this position, twist the head from side to side and in all directions, thus utilizing the extra force to circulate blood to congested areas of the head, especially bringing the stomach and abdominal organs up towards the chest while holding the breath.slantboard

The average person should maintain the foot end of the board at chair height for all exercises, but if dizzy at first, the foot end of the board should not be raised quite so high to begin with. Exercise only five minutes a day. More time than that is too much.

Gradually increase time spend on the board. The average client should lie on the board ten minutes at 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon and again just before going to bed. After retiring, lift the buttocks up to allow the organs to return to a normal position.slantboard excercises

Exercises strengthen and tone the muscles, helping you to look better and feel younger. To increase the benefits of Slant Boarding, you can develop your own exercise routines or use the exercises suggested by Dr. Jensen