The colon is one of our most important organs, learn to look after it.

digestive system diagramWhile internal cleanses can be extremely healing, it is important to balance the colon detox techniques with periods of rebuilding and strengthening using other techniques (e.g., healthy diet, supplements, yoga, support network, etc.). Cleansing without rebuilding and strengthening will eventually weaken your system, including your immune system. Therefore, after each cleanse, take a period of time to concentrate non-cleansing healing techniques.

Most people should perform no more than three (3) digestive system cleanses per year. Once you are on your road to healing, you can reduce the number of yearly digestive system cleanses to two or one. After a colon cleanse take at least three months to work on strengthening your digestion, assimilation, and elimination abilities.

Selecting a colon cleansing technique

A few thoughts on ways how to decide which cleanse is for you. Keep the following points in mind when selecting a cleansing technique to try:

  • It is important to choose cleansing techniques that are not too extreme for your current condition. If you are very weak, you should start slowly and plan for a longer cleanse.
  • It is important to choose cleansing techniques that are not to subtle, and therefore ineffective, for your current condition.
  • Working closely with a holistic health practitioner who is familiar with detoxification techniques can be extremely important for the following reasons:
    • The practitioner can help you choose the type and strength of cleansing that meets your needs -- not too extreme, yet not to subtle.
    • The practitioner can advise you of any contraindications that may be important for your condition.
    • If any difficulties arise, an experienced practitioner can more easily adjust or stop the program if necessary.
    • A few of these cleanses take a lot of planning and effort. Off-loading some of the planning and effort onto the shoulders of the practitioner will allow you to concentrate more fully on healing, significantly increasing the effectiveness of the cleanse.

Keep in mind that cleansing is an ongoing process and never really finishes. There is no such thing as a clean colon for example as long as you stuff food into it, it will accumulate stuff. Of course you can determine how much stuff (mucoid plaque, worms etc) will accumulate by your lifestyle and the kinds of food you choose.

The healthier and cleaner you get the healthier and cleaner your choices will become (This is a really good thing!).

Sensitivities when bowel cleansing

If you are very sensitive to some item or items that are suggested for the cleanse (i.e., strong allergic reaction), then you will obviously have to stay away from that item. Please keep in mind that many of these cleanses can be adjusted to suit your needs. A healthcare practitioner experienced with cleansing techniques can help you with this. I might be able to provide ideas or suggestions that can help you in this area as well.

Persons with immune system-related disorders should always begin taking new supplements in tiny amounts before the cleanse in order to determine if they are sensitive to the supplement.

Cleansing Environment

When you perform a cleanse, please try to keep the body warm, comfortable, and feeling as nurtured as much as possible. The more difficult cleanses, are therefore much easier to perform in warmer weather. Some people prefer to perform a cleanse during vacation from work so that the work stress doesn't affect the results of the cleanse.

Cleansing Symptoms when colon cleansing

When the body is cleansing, whether through a cleanse technique or simply a positive change in lifestyle, you may experience what is called a "healing crises." The healing crises can last as long as a few days (sometimes longer in rare instances). Some of the symptoms you may experience are:

  1. Fever
  2. Headaches and other aches and pains
  3. Fatigue
  4. Skin eruptions
  5. Emotional irritability
  6. Gas
  7. Temporary constipation or diarrhoea
  8. Temporary stopping of menstruation
  9. Yawning
  10. Tight muscles

If almost all cases, it is important to not use drugs to suppress these cleansing symptoms, but instead, to encourage the release of toxins from the body (and the expression of emotions to release pent up emotions when necessary). If you are working closely with a holistic health practitioner, as you should be, the practitioner can help you monitor any cleansing symptoms you have to be certain that they are not more than you can handle in your condition.

In cases where the cleansing symptoms need to be reduced and/or toxins are being dumped into the intestines at a large rate (in persons who have had chemical poisoning, for example), it can be helpful to take an action to avoid having toxins reabsorbed into the bloodstream.

Cleansing Symptoms when colon cleansing

I will list some ideas below that may be helpful in very uncomfortable cleansing reactions. Please realize, however, that it is counterproductive to rely regularly on these techniques, except during a cleanse. Most of the time, acute symptoms should be handled with other natural remedies (e.g., Peppermint tea for stomach upset, etc.)

Activated Charcoal - Activated charcoal is renowned for its ability to adsorb toxins in the GI Tract. It is sometimes used at poison centres for this ability. Here is how it works:

  1. The charcoal adsorbs unabsorbed poison still present in the gut.
  2. The charcoal adsorbs chemicals that are secreted in bile, thereby preventing their enterohepatic recirculation.
  3. The charcoal binds any drug that diffuses from the circulation into the gut lumen.

(NOTE: Adsorption is not the same as absorption. Adsorption is the process by which a solid attracts and concentrates upon its surface, in a thin layer, molecules of a gas, liquid or dissolved substance by adhesion.)

You can purchase activated charcoal from your local natural food store.


More than 2 hours since last meal:
1 Tablespoons powder*
4 Capsules**
8 Tablets***

Less than 2 hours since last meal:
4 Tablespoons powder*
16 Capsules**
32 Tablets***

*Mix into a bit of spring water. Follow with 1-2 full glasses of spring water.
**Empty capsules into spring water. Follow with 1-2 full glasses of spring water.
*** Crush tablets and add to spring water. Follow with 1-2 full glasses of spring water.
Repeat dosage in 30 minutes if symptoms haven't subsided.

Bentonite Clay - Bentonite clay works the same way as activated charcoal, but it is not quite as effective.


(If you buy powder, first mix with spring water so it is the consistency of paint.)

More than 2 hours since last meal:
2 Tablespoons powder*

Less than 2 hours since last meal:
8 Tablespoons powder*

*Mix into a bit of spring water. Follow with 1-2 full glasses of spring water.
Repeat dosage in 30 minutes if symptoms haven't subsided.

Supplementation - I find the following supplements are appropriate while cleansing:

  1. Mineral supplement from sea vegetables (chelated and colloidal) before, during and after the cleanse.
  2. One of the comprehensive food supplements -- Herbal Nutrition, Bernard Jensen's Food Blend, Green Radiance, Plant Power before and after the cleanse.

Then add other supplements (e.g., acerola cherries for Vitamin C) before and after the cleanse as needed.

Liquids - I wanted to include an extra reminder here that it is important to get plenty of liquids during the detoxification procedures so that you do not become dehydrated. Also important to check your ph levels before cleansing.

Cleansing Results

You may or may not notice sudden, major health improvements immediately after the bowel cleanse is finished. In some cases there have been total elimination of symptoms with just one cleanse. Just remember that internal healing can be taking place even if there is no apparent reduction in symptoms. The reduction in symptoms will come as you slowly build your health using holistic healing techniques.

Also keep in mind that cleansing is a long term process. Yearly cleansing is important and will give you great benefits in the long run. Looking and feeling younger naturally, when everybody else is going for plastic surgery and start complaining about old age symptoms, is a sign that you did something right.

If you have any doubts about the self-healing power of your body, consult your naturopath or health practitioner for advise!