Spices & Oils that are good for Constipation

oilsOils have many calories but no fibre, this means try to have as little as possible. Oils can also make your stools sticky which does not help when you have constipation.

Spices on the other hand can be helpful as they can stimulate digestion and elimination.


Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
Hemp oilPumpkin oilHerb butter etcCoco fat
Hazelnut oilChicken fatButter fatFrying fat
GheeDairy free margarinesLamb fat
Olive oilMargarinesHalf fat butter
Corn oilButter
Sesame oilPeanut oil
Soy oilDiet margarines / oil
Wheat germ oilLard
Coconut oilSunflower oil
Grape seed oil
Walnut oil
Vegetable oil


Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
Natural essencesShojiArtificial essences
CurriesHerbs in oilSoy sauce
Fresh / dried herbsSalad mix spices packedMSG
All single spicesWorcestershire sauce
Sambal OelekSpice mixes packed

Cooking Accessories

Good FoodsBasic FoodsOccasional FoodsLuxury Foods
Agar-AgarBaking powderCooking ChocolateCoconut cream
Brewer's YeastCarobBrittleChocolate glaze
Bee pollenGelatinHundreds and thousandsSugar glaze
Vegetable GelatinThickenersKetchup
Coconut MilkCocoaYeast
Bread crumbsMayonnaise
Clear glazeCandied orange/lemon peel