Build your own deluxe colon cleansing equipment

colonic machineThe colon is like every other organ of our body it needs to be cleaned.  Cleansing has become a very popular in every culture around the world. Many cultures have observed fasting for generations and colon cleansing has been practiced throughout history.

The resurgence of the colonic in modern times reflects upon societies need to purge toxins obtained from our every day existence. Automobiles, chemicals and most importantly, the chemical compounds used to enhance flavours or preserve foods of different types.

The colonic in many ways has taken on an alternative medicine stigma, however medical doctors throughout history and especially in the first part of the 20th century insisted on colonics for the treatment of countless maladies.  There is nothing new about the benefits of  the colonic.

Build your own colonic machine

Why would you build your own colonic machine. Usually the reason is one of economics. Seeing that a colon hydrotherapy session can cost around $100 and if you like colonics you probably have about 12 a year. That means that over a 5 year period you could spend easily nearly $6000.

Building your own machine can be done for around $1000!

And if you have anybody else in the family or friends you can swop colonics, which is even better than doing it on your own.


Colema Board

colema boardThe way a colonic board is used is quite simple. It is first placed over a toilet bowl and supported by a chair or any other means. The patient then fills a 20 litre vessel with the desired type of liquid. It is then hung between 1.2 & 1.5 metres above the patient to create pressure by way of gravity. The patient then inserts the hose from the bucket into the back of the catchment dome and into the rectal tube. Being careful not to start the flow of liquid immediately. This is done by using a clip which restricts the flow of liquid until the patient is properly positioned on the board.

The patient then lies on the board and inserts the rectal tube into their anus and slides up to an inverted toilet shaped dome. This dome serves to catch all of the expelled fluids and direct them into the toilet bowl. The liquid is now released by removing the clip, gravity carries the liquid into your anus and when your colon is full you simply clip the hose again to stop the flow. The patient now massages the colon via the abdominal area until pressure becomes such that the anus expels the fluid. This is done over and over again until the 20 litres has been used up.

At the end the board is simply washed down under the shower and desinfected.
You can build your own Colema board for under US$500.